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September 30, 2009: ET and Larry King information from Rabbi Shmuley taped interviews now confirms Michael Jackson Channel that he wanted to be buried near children. Dr. Christian von Lahr specifically channeled Michael saying he wanted to be buried near a children's hospital.  Earlier confirmations that came out from Michael's personal artist also confirms channel that Michael wanted a jumbo-tron across from a children's hospital playing cartoons all night in case a child awoke and could not sleep - so that they could be soothed by the cartoons.

July 30, 2009: Michael Jackson's chef account confirms information of channel from Michael Jackson of oxygen tanks being carried down daily and earlier time of death. Even loss of oxygen that Michael said happened fits perfectly. For more information: Dr. Christian von Lahr's blog and Huffington Post/Associated Press Article

July 29, 2009: CNN and Larry King Live shows the effects of Propofol administered to a patient in the hospital. Within 14 seconds the patient goes unconscious and STOPS BREATHING.

July 10, 2009 :: Labratory Atmosphere Proved Accurrate: Michael Jackson revealed through Dr. Christian von Lähr that his bedroom was set up like a labratory. Now his personal cook breaks his silence that oxygen tanks were carted in and out of the home constantly and his stage handlers reveal that previous tours were set up with traveling IV's holders, drips, and much medical equipement that went from city to city along with Jackson.

July 9, 2009 :: Michael Jackson wanted children with Rowe: 20/20 interview with Joe Jackson airing July 9, 2009 states he will make the children "strong Jackson's" under his care. This is exactly why Michael did not want his parents getting custody - and having his children going through what he experienced growing up.

July 9, 2009 :: Michael Jackson's body not in casket proved correct: Dr. von Lähr stated on July 8, 2009 that the casket at the funeral in the Staples Center did not have the body of Michael Jackson. Entertainment Tonight reports showing footage that the body was delivered to the Funeral Memorial the night before.

July 7, 2009 :: Michael Jackson's Message Regarding his Funeral:

Michael Jackson had this to say:

"My funeral I held myself."

"I invited or otherwise received a small but select group of well-wishers, teachers, guiding influences, and ‘real' luminaries of life as would be commonly known, and some above or beyond common awareness too.  My insightful guests were sincere and personal, all genuine, spiritual in total.  Their interest was to be with me while I entered my contemplation: appraise myself fully and let surface those things that were [the core] of my being, so that I can know me; contemplate my death, yet not death, and what it meant to [me], as well as others; resolve my challenge ...the complications of stardom that overshadowed my being merely someone expressing themselves through human flaws, yet still truly under the world's floodlights; acknowledge [all] of those who had importance to me, not only significance; evaluate [all] people and persons in that life so as to know their [true] value, meaning(s), motivation, and the mutual benefit(s) to one another we had, if any; recount those many things I was meant to do in that world, yet did not, due to my many imperfections, whether imagined, real or imposed; contemplate what genuine life purpose, or value,  I [may] have held; ascertain how I can continue to serve life, and the incomprehensible holiness ─ even in passing ─ to make my unique difference, ... for all time.", help me cherish my own memories; find peace that I might go on."

"My humble eulogy was most compassionately presided over by Mother Teresa, One who always comes to those who suffer in solitude.  The angels were her choir and they were splendid.  The assemblage could resonate with the rainbow hues of her tribute as sound and color, and emotion and reality are all one in her church."

"Princes Diane shone radiantly at my side and held me firm as I trembled on one knee, much as I did in life.  She gave off the glow of strength under futility, and kept me proud when overshadowed by my weaknesses.  I listened to my [Truth] and knew that even forever flawed, I would always enjoy relatively perfect guidance."

"My showman was a quintessential personification of musical entertainment.  Mr. Liberace played each passage of every song right alongside the ceremony of the real world that I might fully enjoy their message, carried high.  Lee took his bow, and bowed to me for the great promise I held for the world, ... in time."

"My Diane, my Elizabeth, my friends.  None were forgotten, for we all have our counterparts in this world I now occupy.  They were here with me in what others might call "spirit."  Brook was able to reach up even though active in the real world.  The children, my children, glowed clearly as our hearts reached out to each other.  I could experience the [feeling] of my mother - my angel.  My father, brothers and sisters joined hands in spiritual harmony once more, and I was complete.  There is no number, even here, for the many friends and companions who took great care of me in life, but they were all honored here."

"Before Walt came up to entertain us with visions of wonder and merriment that crossed realms, we received an audience of millions of children from around the world.  The sat wherever, with whomever and were followed by the very essence of my fans everywhere.  Together, as family, we shared the light of my soul and I lay judged before all.  We laughed, we cried, we cheered and we felt woe as the facets of my existence where projected for all to see, hear, and feel." 

"My ceremony ended with [complete] peace."


Dr. Christian von Lähr states:

"There are still many surprises and illusions going on in the life of Michael Jackson.  Most of what is seen is a pre-meditated presentation of purpose.  The trick of the magic casket has yet to be revealed.  It will be ever-evident that the life of Michael is a "managed" thing, and any truth we might realize will not be easily revealed, or uncovered without effort."

July 6, 2009 :: Jamie Foxx prediction proved accurate: Dr. von Lähr predicted Jamie Foxx wanted to impersonate and re-inact the dance moves of Michael Jackson which is exactly what he did for the opening of the BET 2009 Award Show. Dr. von Lähr also predicted that Jamie Foxx wants to play Michael Jackson in a movie about his life.

July 6, 2009 :: Green Oxygen Tank prediction proved accurate: In an interview on July 3, 2009, Dr. von Lähr reported a vision of Michael Jackson being hooked up to a green oxygen tank inside his home. FOX News, ABC and Inside Edition all showed the brand new images of just such a tank on July 6, 2009.

Wednesday July 1, 2009 Breaking News :: Nutritionist/Nurse Cherilyn Lee breaks her silence: In an interview reported to Inside Edition and E! News back on June 26, 2009 - Christopher Valentine stated that Jackson had been under the care of Lee in February '09 which she has now substantiated. She also admitted to giving Jackson intravenous C injections also reported a week earlier. See Article. This is the same time period Jackson's camp sought help with MRSA.

Wednesday July 1, 2009 Breaking News :: Dr. von Lähr Makes the Connection: Though people may have forgotten, Michael Jackson suffered from allergies.  People of this condition are not intended to be using "Diprivan" the drug Michael asked for near his end.  If he was giving this, it could lead to the cause of actual death.

Wednesday July 1, 2009 Breaking News :: MRSA linked with chimpanzee attack: In a violent chimpanzee attack reported ealier this year - it has been found that a MRSA infection ensued. This report found today is similar to the channeled messages received through Christian von Lähr on July 28, 2009 of a connection between Jackson's MRSA infection and his proximity to animals at the Neverland Ranch.

Monday June 29, 2009 Breaking News :: Secret Trust Fund for children proved accurrate: Media reports what Michael Jackson revealed less than 48 hours earlier through Dr. von Lähr.

Sunday June 28, 2009 Breaking News :: Debbie Rowe makes a stunning announcement: Audiences were shocked to hear as Michael Jackson revealed for the first time in his LIVE world-wide interview on Coast to Coast AM through psychic Medium Dr. Christian von Lähr that he did not father his children. Less than 24 hours later Debbie Rowe confirms to the world the truth that Michael and she never consumated their marriage and that she was impregnated by an anonymous donor. See Article.

Saturday June 27, 2009 Breaking News :: Michael Jackson's First World-Wide Interview LIVE: Michael Jackson has tapped world-renowned clairvoyant Psychic Medium and clairvoyant Medical Intuitive Dr. Christian von Lähr to be the Medium for a LIVE media interview he has expressed his wish to conduct. At 12AM Pacific 3AM Eastern the behind the scenes efforts to save Michael Jackson are revealed on Coast to Coast AM heard worldwide along with the first Groundbreaking Interview with Michael Jackson since his crossing-over.

Friday June 26, 2009 Michael Jackson Connects : Michael Jackson has indicated he would like to do a LIVE interview after re-connecting with Medium Dr. Christian von Lähr and giving him pages of detailed information about his life, what it's like on the other side, his assets and a secret trust account set-up for his children.

Thursday June 25, 2009 Breaking News :: The Real Story Behind Michael Jackson's Death: Michael Jackson's death did not come out of nowhere - he has been sick for quite some time with MRSA Disease. Get the behind the scenes information to save him since February 2009:

Dr. Christian von Lähr, a renowned clairvoyant medical intuitive, and psychic Medium had been consulting with a Medical Researcher for some time prior.  He foresaw the significance of this major celebrity illness, and the promise of treatment and worked with the researcher to speedily get things to the public.  He predicted the date of a major condition with Michael Jackson, and furthered efforts with the Medical group to reach out to get celebrity support.  Our client, the developer of the breakthrough treatment method was clandestinely contacted this past February, and a meeting ensued.

2 Representatives from Michael Jackson contacted and met with our client a major Medical Resource company in February 2009 in Los Angeles to treat Mercer Disease that Michael Jackson has been battling with  ground-breaking new light-therapy device, one that held the promise of treating Cancer conditions.  A famous celebrity has also been involved in behind the scenes activity to save Michael Jackson. 

Christian, and myself, Christopher Valentine were immediately in contact with the researcher when the news first broke.  Our concern, was that treatment was available, and that Christian - who has the ability to look inside the human body for medical conditions, and even project into the future could see a viable recovery.  Our inventor and researcher remains available with details on the attendance, location an time - to which we are somewhat aware as well, as we were in phone consultation with the Researcher at the time.  This was partly because Christian had noted this would be the date that this major event revolving around the new medical breakthrough would occur.

MRSA Disease is caused by the over-use of antibiotics caused by so many plastic surgery procedures.  Michael Jackson had developed the inability to fight off infections like the common staph bacteria.  Christian has medically intuitive and psychic insight, as well, on conditions that lead Mr. Jackson to develop a behavior, focuses, and conditions that contributed to his difficulties with life in the public.


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